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Edinburgh Fringe Festival History,Categories & Persons Who Got Breakthrough Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is world’s largest festival city in which talent from 1/3rd of the world bring to the city & street of Scotland. Edinburgh International festival was first started in 1947 after world war II, The purpose of this festival is to create “flowering of human spirit”. Edinburgh International film festival was also started this year.

Edinburgh International film festival remains from 21 June to 2 July & followed by Edinburgh Blues and Jazz Festival From 14th July to 23rd of July. This  festival city enriches the human spirit and encourage & freshens the culture of Scotland. It also includes the world largest Art festival lasts for 25 days where artist from all over the world gets opportunity to amaze the hearts of the people with their art. Edinburgh Art Festival starts from 27th July to 27th august. The festival is supported by festival fringe society which mange all the management and advertisement & sell tickets through websites & Central physical box office.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival types

Categories of Edinburgh Fringe Festival are: theater, comedy, dance, physical theatre, circus cabaret, children’s show, opera, musicals, spoken word, music, events and exhibitions. Anybody can take part in the festival as there are no judges. Comedy is biggest section due to the Edinburgh comedy awards which give rise to household names of British comedians. The fringe festival did not get any aid from any organization since 1951, even students from the Edinburgh university drop in some and helps to provide cheap food & bed spaces for night. According to fringe society there were 258 venues in 2011 which are not part of main performing that the fringe is generally known for.  The main venue operators split into four groups.

  1. The big four
  2. Other paid Venues
  3. Free Venue
  4. Paid what you want

Person who got Fame:

Many performances spoke highly in Fringe and had a effect on their career like Magician PAUL Daniels got his break of Twilight through Fringe and commented “i have become Edinburgh’s publicity agent. i tell everybody, you’ve got to be in it”.


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